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The INKEY list Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Hair Treatment

The INKEY list Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Hair Treatment

Hyaluronic acid is a classic ingredient, traditionally known in skincare for its highly hydrating properties. When it comes to hair care, we have slightly twisted it, to create a formulation containing optimized high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acids, which not only hydrates your hair, but also works to reduce frizz, brittlness and protect it against pollution.

Lack of hydration in the hair can be caused by a number of things, including over washing, water temperature being too high, using heated tools without heat protection or humidity. When your hair becomes dry, the hair cuticle is rough and open, causing hair to lose moisture and become frizzy.

Similarly to its "cousin" in skincare, we'd recommend everyone to use this, as it's a fantastic multi tasking lighteweight serum, especially indicated for those in need to tame frizz but also who live in big cities and want to protect their hair against pollution.


"Best product for all hair types is the Hyaluronic Acid hair treatment as it moisturises, smoothes and protects EVERY texture. It’s easy to use and the application is very straight forward. Distribute evenly from roots to tips into towel dry hair before adding any other styling products so it can function as a styling base. Whatever your hairstyle this product will help to keep hydration levels up throughout the day"
Bjorn Krischker - Session Hair Stylist & Men's Groomer

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*83% agreed that their hair looked less frizzy after 4 weeks of use.

A few words from consumer who have tested our product:

"I liked that it was easy to apply. I could tell that it really helped control the frizz. I liked that it had no aroma so didn't clash with shampoo or conditioner smell"

"My curly hair fell into curls more easily rather than frizz. because I used this, I used a quarter of the amount of curly mousse that I usually use. even without mousse my hair fell into soft curls. excellent product - I would use this all the time"

"I loved the way it made my hair so shiny and smooth! I got quite a few comments on how shinny and healthy my hair looked. it was so easy to use; I would definitely buy this product!"


  • 2% RESISTHYAL™**
  • 1% BETAINE

**Based on consumer testing on 51 participants formula containing 2% RESISTHYAL™

***Resisthyal™ is a trademark of Givaudan and is used with permission.

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