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We can’t give specific dates about when individual items will be back in stock.
We do receive regular deliveries and most items are usually back in stock within two weeks. Please keep checking on the site, once the item is available to ‘add’ to your basket then the item is back in stock.
If the item was saved in your basket and is now out of stock it will be removed and you’ll see a message to let you know. If any items become out of stock as you are placing your order the item will be removed and you’ll be returned to your basket.

Delivery Charges vary depending on location and total weight. Discounts are on offer for larger orders.

At Britton’s we accept all major credit and debit cards alongside the opportunity to us the paypal service.

Orders placed before 1pm should expect a next day delivery service.
Orders placed after 1pm will receive delivery in 2 days.

Britton’s Pharmacy uses PayPal API to process all payments.
PayPal is a completely secure method of payment and users are able to pay for all orders using their PayPal account or credit card.
All payments conducted through our online shop have details processed by PayPal, we do not keep data on any of your card payments.

Once you have paid for your order you will receive an order confirmation from Britton’s Pharmacy.
Your Order Confirmation will contain all the information on your products ordered, delivery and total cost.
Should you require special order information or details please feel free to contact us directly.

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