TENA Men Absorbent Protector - Level 3 - Pack of 8

Super absorbency control for security against leaks and larger surges. Suitable for overnight use. The Dual Core provides increased comfort & dryness. Features and Benefits Specially engineered for a man's body - Soft side elastic creating a snug and secure fit and a cup shape making the protector comfortable to wear Secure absorption zone that locks in leaks effectively - Secure absorption zone that keeps you dry and protects against leaks thanks to the ultra absorbent core made of polymers that instantly lock in liquid Odour control - Helps to prevent unwanted smells Adhesive fixation strip - Holds the protector in place so it fits securely and discreetly in your underwear Individually wrapped - Masculine coloured design enables discreet carrying and disposal Dermatologically tested - Material that is kind on the skin How to use: TENA Men Protectors are easy to use. Unwrap the product and remove the release paper. Place the adhesive strip down and secure the product in tight-fitting underwear. Adjust for perfect fit. Dispose the product in a waste bin. Do not flush it down the toilet.
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