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Decleor Black Clay Mask Rosemary Officinals 50ml

Decleor Black Clay Mask Rosemary Officinals 50ml

Create the illusion of brighter, more radiant skin with the DECLÉOR Rosemary Mask. The lightweight formula glides effortlessly across your base, allowing you to have a relaxing and rejuvenating experience each and every time the mask is used. Perfect for people that love to indulge in a ritual each time they care for their skin, as the face mask promotes a lit-from-within, youthful gleam.

The formula is enriched with 98% natural origin ingredients, allowing you the peace of mind that only the kindest, most effective components are enveloping your visage. Potent Rosemary Essential Oil, Black Clay and Salicylic Acid work to minimise the appearance of breakouts and blemishes, reducing the risk of new ones appearing.

A thorough and intensive cleansing experience is provided, without leaving your skin feeling stripped of natural, essential oils. The mask assists with the removal of dirt and grime from your pores, allowing your complexion to look and feel detoxified, dewy and luminous. Get ready to treat yourself to the ultimate evening of recharging after a challenging day, as the face mask weaves itself seamlessly into your regular skincare routine.

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